Cocobelle Baby Cold-Pressed Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is used and loved by parents and babies everywhere! Here are some customer quotes along with a few lovely Parent & Toddler Bloggers who have taken the time to try out our products and share their thoughts. 



I always worry about keeping Lola’s skin moisturised, now she’s a little older we don’t always tend to use moisturisers or baby oil on her like we used to. She has a bath every day too, which as us ladies know can dry you skin out a little after each wash.


We recently tried out Cocobelle Coconut Oil and have been using it each day after bath time. I’ve focused on areas such as her elbows and creases in her arm and knees where she gets the most dry skin and I’m really impressed with how quickly those dry areas turned back to nice smooth skin.


We’ve then been applying a thin layer all over her, well mainly because IT JUST SMELLS SO GOOD. - full blog post here...

"Fantastic natural product for all over use on baby skin. I've been using this on my 3 month old daughter for a few weeks now and it has significantly helped clear dry, rashy skin within a couple of days. Smells amazing and only a small amount is needed per use so this pot should last several weeks/months."  Customer Testimonial


We use this as a moisturiser for my toddler to treat any dry skin patches and eczema. She has dry patches on the back of her legs and arms and her belly. We use this beautiful coconut oil to hydrate and soothe her skin. It’s a lovely coconut oil and I love taking a little bit of time to massage it in well — as I can imagine this must feel quite nice for my baby girl. It smells lovely too and I love that it’s completely natural. It works much better than the prescription lotion that we have!

Our treatment is moisturising twice a day and using a mild steroid cream for any flare-ups. We currently use this as our daily moisturiser and are loving it.

A Mum Reviews - full blog post here...

"I have used this from day one of my baby being born and still use it now, 8 months later. We use it for baby massage every evening after bath time and she goes to bed being moisturized and smelling lovely."  Customer Testimonial


My boys have inherited my dry skin and were eczema prone when they were babies. So I always look for products that will moisturise their skin but not irritate it. This coconut oil is perfect. A little goes a long way and it’s quick to soak in. Which is great for kids as the boys hate a bit fuss and don’t like anything that leaves them greasy. So it was a winner for them.


I know it’s meant to be for the kids but it might just of migrated to my bathroom cabinet recently. I love the smell of coconut and it is great for sorting out my dry mum knees. (anyone else get them?) Plus it’s working it’s way at softening my feet and taming my summer frizz. (It’s the humidity)!

CraftwithCartwright - full blog post here...

"Absolutely gorgeous! Smells lovely, not 'perfumey', moisturises amazingly. Use it for my little one since her first day, treats all the redness and dryness."  Customer Testimonial


One of the things I really liked is that Cocobelle Baby is 100% natural. It contains only 100% certified organic cocos nucifera (coconut) oil and comes in BPA free packaging. The packing is simple and stylish. And the smell, well it smells divine. Like coconut macaroons. Yum.


Our Cocobelle Baby arrived when it was quite warm weather and so the coconut oil was very soft and easy to apply. Cocobelle Baby isn’t just for bottoms- it’s suitable, like all coconut oil, for a zillion uses such as eczema, dry skin as a massage oil and for dry scalps. In fact it would have been fab to relieve cradle cap had I known about it then!

Back With a Bump - full blog post here...

"Really good product. not greasy & long-lasting effect. My children & myself have very sensitive skin that doesn't tolerate chemicals and perfumed lotion and really pleased by the results. I will definitely recommend this organic coconut oil."  Customer Testimonial

"Brilliant for soothing the terrible nappy rash that comes hand in hand with teething. Love that it's all natural so I know no nasties are going on to my little girls very sensitive, and eczema prone, skin. Also can't beat the smell of coconut :) Would definitely recommend."  Customer Testimonial